What Others Are Saying

"These work! Our dog was not scared at all. He was relaxed. These work. I recommend these."


Paw-Freakin'-Tastic THANK YOU. You have a customer for life now.
Usually Mia is running all over the house, panting, shaking, crawling all over me, having loose stool… and after 1 of your treats she is chilled out.

Jeffrey bought these today at the farmers market and I legit laughed saying those won’t work, I’ve tried everything… well geez I was wrong. These are amazing!! I’m shocked and extremely happy that my girl is relaxed during the fireworks.
Wow! Simply amazed.


“Hello! Just wanted to share that we used the Chillax today prior to getting in the car to go to the beach. 20 min into the ride, here are the results!”



Thanks @paw_freakin_tastic for making dog treats that actually help BoJack relax during fireworks! Seriously, I can't stress enough how well these work. Normally she would be pacing around our bedroom and bathroom trying to hide in the shower .... continuously crying and whining for hours while the fireworks went on .... We gave her four of these treats and within about 20 minutes she was sleeping. 🥰💗